Deniz Survey

Checking packed materials and project cargos as per packing list in the stocking depot or at load port prior to loading in respect of conformity to packing list, packaging, condition, marking and also storage and weather conditions at the time of controls are reported and supported with photographes.

Conforming to requirements of customers, top qualified surveyors of Incomar International Expertise Services Ltd. Co, equipped with state-of-the-art measuring devices certified by international standards, is able to attend during whole course of loading period under the strict care of 7/24/365, in order to check condition of the goods. Our staff are also competent to check ships holds hatch covers water tightness services, using Ultrasonic Devices.
Suitability of cargo holds are also verified visually prior to loading, and any residue of sea water is detected using AgNO3 on the surface and walls of the holds. Condition of all the gaskets on drain channels, hatch covers, manholes, cross joints are checked and verified. All above stages are precisely followed by our surveyors who secure the protection of our customers rights by timely intervention when need arises. Digitally taken photographs are attached to our final inspection report.

Draft survey is not an exact science as the attending surveyor must take into account a number of factors. Those may include but are not limited to the vessel condition, availability of draft marks, vessel particulars, ability to accurately sound tanks (ballast and consumables) and the prevailing weather/sea conditions.

  • Reading draft marks, inital and final
  • Calculation for displacement
  • Initial and final ballast tank inspection
  • Checking for hydrostatic tables and sounding tables
  • Checking accuracy of constant figures

Determining suitability of containers’ condition can greatly reduce the risk of liability for firms exporting goods. Container Safety Convention (CSC) Controls are conducted by qualified inspectors to verify the structual integrity and suitability. Stuffing supervision, and sealing the container and issuance of quality and Quantity reports.

Convention for Safe Containers documentation is conducted for the authentication of the safety of container frames used in transportation, in accordance with international regulations.

Accredited enterprises may conduct CSC documentations.

For consignments containing goods that standard vehicles and equipments (i.e. TIR, container etc.) are unable to carry due to the weight and/or size of the respective shipments’ logistics, specialized vehicles of land, air and sea transportation which are subject to the use of cranes, montaging, freight are preferred.

Processes involving special storing and handling criterias, requiring an operandum of sort are also kept in track by Project Cargo Freight. (i.e. defence industry, drilling field logistics, dry Cargo hiring, factory extraction and relocation etc.)

As Incomar Inspection, both our domestic and international provision of Project Cargo Freight services include;

  • Port Captain services,
  • Storage planning,
  • Ensuring the loading is consistent with the storage plan
  • Damage surveys during loading & discharging
  • Labeling/numbering controls,
  • Ensuring the loading made in the specified order

Towage certificate is prepared upon determining the suitability of the vessel and the salvage tug to implement towage on such situations that a vessel is immobile and requires salvaging.


  • Damage Expertise
  • Cargo transportation and yacht
  • Hull & Machinery
  • Fire
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Agriculture


  • Damage Surveys on behalf of owners and underwriters
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Evaluation of physical Damage
  • Packaging Inspection
  • Establishing cause, nature and extent of damages
  • Inspection of documents prepared by respective parties
  • Evaluation of damaged Cargo
  • Detailed Reporting


  • Detailed Inspection and Condition Evaluation of Hull & Machinery
  • Checking the efficiency of navigation devices
  • Checking the efficiency of communication equipment
  • Inspecting vessel certificates
  • Evaluating safety measures
  • Inspection of navigational charts
  • Checking marine publications
  • Evaluating commercial and technical condition and vessel appraisial



  • Inspection of the hull& engine room
  • Establish the condition of machinery and documentation
  • Control of the navigation equipments
  • Control of communication facilities
  • Checking documents/ certificates of the vessel
  • Control crew team
  • Control certificates, (ISM, ISPS)
  • Control of the fire & security system
  • Value assessment as per market or other bases
  • Issue report


Due to our wide range of domestic and international expertise and service provision, we guarantee the presence of our surveyors on field 24 hours following the task notice. (including Europe, USA, CIS)

  • Valuation Surveys
  • P & I Condition Surveys (Entry & Condition & Follow Up)
  • Hull and Machinery Surveys,
  • Cargo Surveys, Damage Surveys,
  • Port Captain

  • Before and after loading general condition survey
  • Bunker survey
  • Damage survey during discharging and after loading
  • Witnessing to repair, coast investment, repair team agreement
  • Inspection for reason of the damages
  • On/off hire certification
  • Master’s satisfaction report for damages
  • Final settlement with a protocol.

We work for ship owners, charterers, commodity traders, insurance, and P&I companies and judge suitability of the vessels holds by applying Ultrasonic Hatch Leak Detection. Leaking hatch covers are frequently the cause of large cargo damage claims, and condition of the hatch covers, joints, and coamings and such, have major importance. For its’ fast and accurate application we do prefer and use in our all services Ultrasonic Hatch Leak Detectors for the most reliability of this vital service. Cygnus-Hatch Sure Detectors are used by our qualified surveyors. (Our team have been trained by Cygnus on behalf of IIMS, UK)