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Draft survey is not an exact science as the attending surveyor must take into account a number of factors. Those may include but are not limited to the vessel condition, availability of draft marks, vessel particulars, ability to accurately sound tanks (ballast and consumables) and the prevailing weather/sea conditions.

  • Reading draft marks, inital and final
  • Calculation for displacement
  • Initial and final ballast tank inspection
  • Checking for hydrostatic tables and sounding tables
  • Checking accuracy of constant figures

Our bulk Cargo inspection services including agricultural products, mines and minerals are performed in accordance with international standards, at all Turkish ports, grain storages and mines.

Incomar Inspection Ltd. Co. , as accredited by GAFTA Grain and Feed Trade Association, is in compliance with international terminology and standards.

All the analysis are conducted in accredited laboratories under our supervision and inspection.

Our services include;

  • Storage cleanliness controls, conformity certification for various consignments, ultrasonic tests and certification prior to shipment,
  • Sampling, preparation of samples for analysis and delivery of samples to laboratories,
  • Supervision for analysis,
  • Weighbridge / weight inspection
  • Cargo condition surveys
  • Sealing and unsealing of vessels hatches

Weight & quality measurements and certification in compliance with international regulations such as ISRI / GOST for iron & steel scraps. The arrangement of this certification conforms with international general agreements, terms & conditions.
Our inspection services are rendered for 24/7 basis, as our surveyors remain on board during the loading and / or dispatching operations, conforming to the requests of our clients. The quality values are measured in quality breakdown table for each 1.000 metric tons lots, to be reported with the loaded amount. The digital photographs taken during the operations include date and time in order to ease archiving and to be used as clear proof in necessary situations.
Intensive care is our priority to ensure the loading and/or dispatching is operated in accordance with the terms agreed in the contract, any non-applicable situation(s) will be announced to all parties.
If requested, our services include quality certifications, following stock inspections.
The weight assessments are made by draft survey measurements.
All the services mentioned above are being provided by our experienced surveyors around the globe, including Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Russia, Baltic Countries other than Turkey.

Fumigation services are conducted in order to avoid spread of various (live) insects and minimize the risk of live insects contamination within various products.

Fumigation is the process of implementing a sublimated chemical called Fumigant in order to neutralize insects and other harmful factors (ie. Bacterias, fungi, etc.) in a closed-environment for a certain period of time. During that period of time certain precautions are taken for environment and people.

Fumigation services are implemented to marine vessels in ports, containers and silos and depots consequently certification is provided in accordance with the international regulations.

The assessment of conformity on iron and steel products prior to and during the shipment in order to verify whether the product conforms with its specifications and whether it is applicable for its usage; quality control oriented assessment and inspection services; attending tests in the place of origin; reporting services for packaging and labeling; documentation audit; scale/weight controls; assessment and certification for marine vessel hatch suitability prior to shipment; if requested, ultrasonic hatch covers air-tightness testing and certification; stowage inspection during the shipment; if requested, applying PP protection or marine taping after loading; marine clarity control.