For shipments headed towards Morocco, proving compliance with Moroccan Quality Standards is mandatory in order to get custom clearance.

Controlled products within this programme:

  • Food and agricultural Products
    Packed food products, dairy products, meat and meat products, fruit juices, beverages, alcoholic beverages, grease and fat, animal food, sugar, grain
  • Chemical products
  • Cosmetic, tobacco, dye, bicycle tires, paper and paper products, soap and detergent products, fertilizer, water purifcation chemicals, agricultural chemicals, art and crafts
  • Fuel and petrolium, crude oil, gas, pumps, paraffin, pipes
  • Textile and textile products
  • Fabrics, carpets etc.
  • Toys and child products
  • Baby dolls
  • Electric and electronic products, home systems, computers, printers
  • Mechanical products
  • Stove, stove oils, LPG, nails, bicycles, hurricane lamps
  • Furniture, desk, table, chairs etc.
  • Construction materials, cement, tile, bathroom and kitchen products, brick, drainage pipes
  • Personal protection equipment, helmets, gloves, training equipment
  • Vehicles

Conformity certification process consists of pre-shipment inspection, documentary control and evaluation of compliance with Moroccan Quality Standards.

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Morocco is a country officially owned by the Kingdom of Morocco, with a population of approximately 32 million in North Africa and a surface area of 447,000 km². The capital is Rabat and the largest city is Casablanca.
Capital: Rabat
Phone code: +212
Currency: Moroccan dirham
King: VI. Muhammed
Continent: Africa
Official language: Arabic