Central Iraq

Central Iraq mandatory inspection program is carried out based on the law no. 54 of 1979 (Article 3/Clause 8). According to this regulation, all shipments require a Certificate of Conformity upon passing Central Iraq Customs. The inspection process goes as documentary control, physical inspection and approval followingly checking the properness of the products.

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Iraq or, in its official name, the Republic of Iraq is a country in West Asia. Turkey in the north, east Iran, in southeast Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to the south, southwest, Jordan, the West borders with Syria. The capital city and the biggest city is Baghdad.
Capital: Baghdad
Year of foundation: October 3, 1932
Area: 437.072 km2
Population: 37,2 million (2016) World Bank
President: Fuad Masum
Prime Minister: Haydar el-Abadi