Northern Iraq


KSQCA has introduced a PCA program that regulates the assessment of Conformity for products imported from the country. The certification process begins with conformity documents, proforma invoice and company quality system documents issued. Subsequent to the control of the conformity of the documents, the physical inspection of the Cargo is implemented and if necessary, samples are taken for testing. If the Cargo meets the requirements, the certification process is completed and the exporter issues the final invoice and transportation documents.

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The Kurdistan Regional Government or the Iraqi Kurdistan Region consists of approximately 40,000 km²; Syria in the West, neighboring Turkey, Iran and North East is an autonomous region with presence in Iraq depends on the level of a constitutional Federation.
Capital: Erbil
Kuruluş tarihi: 11 Mart 1970
Area: 40.643 km²
Population: 8,35 million (2013)
President: Mesud Barzani