Our Logo

Our logo symbolizes the fundamental values we stand for and carry out in our work. Our logo consists of a square which holds a circle and a number of triangles.
The square indicates impartiality and its corners signify the following values:

The north represents Time (North — à Time)
The East indicates Quality (East — à Quality)
The West equals Cost (West — à Cost)
The South refers to People (South — à People)

That is;
We provide high QUALITY service with experienced staff (our PEOPLE) in the right amount of TIME and COST.

The discipline of Mathematics considers the circle to be the ultimate figure within the universe. The circle stands for perfection and idealism, which are both values fundamental to our work.

The triangles within our logo signify our openness to positive change and continuous improvement as is required for success is to be achieved within the dynamic sector in which we operate.

The colors of our logo – navy blue, indicates the sea where we majorly practice our services, grey, with it being between black and white, our place in the field, being between parties, establishing balance and neutrality.