Crude Oil, Gas and Chemicals

Our inspection services varying upon petrolium, types of petrolium, chemicals, gas and natural gas sectors conform with international API MPMS standards along with local trade regulations and requirements.

All our field surveyors carry out inspections based on years of experience gained throughout participating operations in refineries, chemical facilities, petrolium platforms, open seas STSs, meanwhile cultivating expertise in major enterprises of the sector.

Having the required exercitation and knowledge of ISO, ISGOTT, EN, USCG standardizations, our management team, keep revelant data of field personel up to date, along with periodic trainings.

Our bulk liquid Cargo inspection services may include all or any of;

  • Density and weigh based measurement and assessments of vessel, shore or storage tanks and such in which the liquidity level is measurable
  • Sampling of the said gas and bulk liquid cargos and inventory measurement
  • Attending analysis in accredited laboratories
  • Inspection of shore storage tanks prior of hiring or usage
  • Ship-to-ship transfer (Limbo/STS) survey
  • On/Off Hire surveys
  • Adequate preparation of inspection reports