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ISO 9001 : 2015

Within this scope, The Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001’s last version was issued in September, 2015. Accordingly, it was published as TS EN 9001:2015 by the Turkish Standards Institute in January, 2016.

As Incomar Inspection, we have met the case by acquiring the latest qualiy Standard certificate, for it is one of our main priorities to cope with the contemporary quality regulations & regardinginformation.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Ourcompany as from the establishment is keeping all standards and accreditations up-to-date and has been accredited by Lloyd’s register with Quality Management System and on 2016 we have acquired ISO 9001:2015

International Standards Organization (ISO) examines and if necessary, revises the irrespective standards every 5 years.

>> Lloyd’s Register Certificate

Ministry of Transport

Conformity to regulations of marine commercial and inspection services as issued on the offical newspaper dated 16.12.2016, number 29920, regarding authorization and supervision of persons and companies who will perform all types of inspection services are obliged; to acquire accreditation in a year and have staff of two marine inspectors, to be member of chamber of marine and commerce etc. In order to acquire such accreditation we have started the process.

Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Conforming to the instructions stated on the official newspaper dated 16.12.2016 regarding accreditation number 29920, inspection companies who will have activities about Dangerous Goods, our company has now acquired the accreditation to perform inspection services on such dangerous and loading security of the dangerous goods and consequeitlyto ; issue conformity certificate.

Expanded of Scope of Services

Our company is holding 17020 Turkak Accreditation, number A3-0189-M, as of 2013. Scope of service have been extended in our accreditation by inserting “ Radiation Control “