Loading Survey

Conforming to requirements of customers, top qualified surveyors of Incomar International Expertise Services Ltd. Co, equipped with state-of-the-art measuring devices certified by international standards, is able to attend during whole course of loading period under the strict care of 7/24/365, in order to check condition of the goods. Our staff are also competent to check ships holds hatch covers water tightness services, using Ultrasonic Devices.
Suitability of cargo holds are also verified visually prior to loading, and any residue of sea water is detected using AgNO3 on the surface and walls of the holds. Condition of all the gaskets on drain channels, hatch covers, manholes, cross joints are checked and verified. All above stages are precisely followed by our surveyors who secure the protection of our customers rights by timely intervention when need arises. Digitally taken photographs are attached to our final inspection report.