By the regulations arranged by Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI), there are certain cerficitates such as Certificate of Inspection and Verification of Conformity for importing to Iran. The certification process comprehends, gathering the product related documents for exporting along with conducting of inspection and certification for products and facilities within the framework of applicable regulations.

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Iran, the official name of the Islamic Republic of Iran / Islamic Republic of Iran, is the country in Southwest Asia. It is surrounded by Basra Gulf and Oman Gulf in the south and Caspian Sea in the north.
Capital: Tahran
Area: 1.648.000 km²
Population: 79,11 million (2015) World Bank
President: Hasan Ruhani
Currency: Iranian rial
Official Language: Persian
Regime: Theocracy, Presidential system, Parliamentary system, Uniter state, Islamic republic